Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whispers Across the Pillow

        You said, "Who's there?"

        I said, "Your Darling!"

        You said, "What do you want?"

        "To see you happy."

        "How long will you wait?"

        "No need to."

        "How long will you cook?"

        "To taste!"

        We whispered across the pillow,

         as lovers do, one love

         playing as two.

         I claimed an unconditional love.

        You said, "Such claims require two."

        I said, "Then I renounce all claiming too!"

        You said, "Who brought you here?"

        "I have never arrived."

        "Why then are you here?"

        "Such questions . . ."

        "What is your intention?"

        "You know my heart."

        "What do you want from me?"

        "Everything. Nothing."

        Then you asked, "Where have you been

        most relaxed?"

        "In you."

        "What did you see there?"

        "God Is Gracious!"

        "Then why is it so empty?"

        "To reveal our truth."

        "Who can do that?"


        "Where can you live safely then?"

        "In That Silence."

        "What is That Silence?"

        "Our Heart."

        "Is there no threat of disaster?"

        "Only in resistance to That."

        "How do you live there?"

        "Just as I am."

        Words went no further.


        If I tried to say more, listeners would

        hear their own heartbeat . . .

        there would be no flesh,

        no bone, no limit.


(Based on Rumi’s “Talking Through the Door”)


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